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RENAULT Car Leases


7 Free Days on All Renault Models
50% Discount on European Collections & Returns on All Models
(No delivery discount on Trafic Model)

Travel before 31 Jan 2018 (Special subject to change at anytime)

Loyalty Bonus - 3 Free Days for past Renault Clients since 2010

Long Term Discount on All Models for Bookings over 90 Days

Valid for collections to 31 JAN 2018

Renault Car Leasing in Europe


PEUGEOT Car Leases


Offer 1 - Reduced Prices for Leases inside France
Offer 2 - 7 Free Days on Select Models for Leases outside France
FREE European Collections & Returns

Valid for collections to 31 DEC 2017

Peugeot Car Leasing in Europe

CITROEN Car Leasing


Select from various specials
Book and Pay by 31 August 2017

Plus Short Term Sale

Valid for collections to 30 Sep / 31 Dec 2017

Citroen Car Leasing in France and Europe

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A New Car in Europe from less than Australian $24 a day
including comprehensive insurance and unlimited mileage ?

YES this is possible with long term car leasing !
The cheapest way to use a car in France - Europe, for over 17 days, is normally the Tax Free Renault - Peugeot - Citroen - Leasing programmes.
Car Lease - Leasing is an ideal low cost alternative to car rental, particularly for long term use. The longer you have the vehicle, the lower the rates become.

It offers great flexibility with an extensive fleet from which to choose. These include cars, station wagons, convertibles and people movers/minibuses.

The Government of France is the only government to allow their car manufacturers to supply vehicles on a tax free basis to tourists. All cars are French specification, left hand drive, brand new and include full comprehensive insurance and unlimited mileage. Anyone may drive, providing they have a full licence - there are no minimium, or maximum, age limits.
To Qualify
1. You have to be a tourist who:
  A. Have their legal residence outside of Europe
  B. Are visiting France temporarily and are not staying more than 165 days in a 12 month period
  C. Do not engage in any type of employment during their stay
2. European citizens residing outside Europe who fit the conditions above and who can obtain proof of their intention to return to their employment at the end of their stay in Europe.
3. People on temporary assignment in Europe, such as professors and journalists - under certain conditions. Consult Us for further details
All drivers must be over 18 years of age and hold a full driving licence. There is no upper age limit !
It can take 25 - 35 days to arrange a car lease, so please plan ahead.

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